cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

these things happen, happen, happen

the greatest quarterback the detroit lions had ever had (they haven't had many great ones) was bobby layne. in 1958 when the lions traded him away to the steelers (another pittsburgh connection) he supposedly (and successfully) cursed the team with 50 years of failure.

in 2009, literally the next year after the curse ended, the second greatest quarterback the lions have ever had, matthew stafford, began his career. having only played 58 games (layne had 85 as a lion), stafford has already broken the franchise passing record.

but what is truly important is this:

"layne and stafford played football at the very same high school in dallas, highland park high school. and, incredibly, lived on the very same street. stafford's modest brick ranch on purdue avenue in the university park section is six and one-half blocks east of the home layne grew up in with his aunt and uncle."

the two greatest quarterbacks ever to play for a team in detroit both grew up on the same street in dallas, texas, mere blocks away???

according to the article at espn, stafford had not been informed about any of this until november of this year.

these things happen, yes, but how do these things happen? tell me please, how do these things happen?
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