cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
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objects from the past

i have my (eventual) brother-in-law, kaffeka (like kafka, but with coffee), for the christmas name-swap for c.'s family. yesterday i bought some used genesis vinyls for him from the local record store. i was looking the albums over before wrapping them, and out of one slipped a concert ticket stub from 1978. 1978! it was for the august 3rd show at pine knob (a wonderful well-toured outdoor amphitheater (which now is named after a corporate sponsor) which i visited for the first time this past july 4th when c. and i got to meet adam duritz and the rest of the band). they tore stubs back before barcodes and so the band name was missing. i assumed that it had to have been a genesis show since it had been stuffed into a genesis album. wrong. genesis did play a show at pine knob in the summer of 1978, but it was in july. after some searching, i found a concert database which showed that it was actually for a jackson browne concert. which is not as cool to me. but still, 1978! and pine knob's first year as a venue was only six years earlier in '72.
Tags: found bizarre/found bazaar, happenschance

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