cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

faithful and mad

"if a touch of giddiness and euphoria has entered your state of mind, chalk it up to last night's monthly lunar conjunction with jovial jupiter."

i was outside just a bit ago. it's nice to be outside for a bit in 30 degree air without a jacket after hours inside a 72 degree house. the fullish moon was still brightly shining, arm in arm with jove. it's been a good week of full and fullish moons and skies clear enough often enough to see them. when i was outisde the moon and jupiter were hanging out with gemini. my moon is in gemini.

in the photo below, taken a couple days ago and earlier in the evening, jupiter is among the branches. the flash on the camera-phone isn't good enough to allow to really see the heron in my neighbour's yard (the one i mentioned last winter when it was constructed).

Tags: celestia, detroit

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