cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

it's a new dawn / it's a new day / it's a new life

home from the little gathering to usher in the year.
c.'s asleep but i've never been one to sleep.

haven't spent a lot of time with bythos this year but he doesn't hold it against me.
in the past little while (out of 18k+ as usual) he's given me two versions of muse's cover of feeling good, one of the many many live versions i've acquired and the radio edit. he did rickroll me tho -- played a track that's a 15 minute remix of bits of many hit songs from 1988 (which i was digging for the nostalgia mood i was already in), but which was misattributed to 1998 in the mp3 tag, and it contains the rickroll song which is from 1987. 1988. that was a good year.

just sayin'.

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