cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

the slightest of spring updates

thrilled that the tigers assured that miguel cabrera would remain a tiger for the rest of his career with the absurd contract that everyone in baseball (outside of detroit) is proclaiming irrational and perhaps even crazy. i'm fond of irrational and perhaps even crazy. especially when it makes oh so much sense.

tangentially, miguel cabrera is the most searched miguel c. at wikipedia, just above our beloved old friend (de) cervantes.

both the tigers and the pirates started their seasons with two walkoff wins. the tigers hadn't done that since 1901, the pirates since 1915.
i watched the last six innings of the pirates 2nd game, a marathon 16-inning effort which was the longest (in playing time) in pirates history. the two tigers wins were provided by veteran infielders neither of whom played for the tigers last year. it's a new year, indeed.

i'm going to go to a pirates game at pnc park on saturday, which will mark the second straight year that the first baseball game of the season i saw in person at a ballpark was the pirates and not the tigers. despite still living in detroit. so it goes.
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