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prompted by grashupfer's mention of the way way back, i looked way way back into my memories of 2013 movies -- we saw (at least) 37 movies in theatres (movies released in 2013 -- for quite a few of them we didn't see them in-theatre until early 2014, pre-oscars), which somewhat surprised me because it feels like we never get out, but is more in line with where i'd been in my pre-college and post-college years than the (let's say) 2008-2011 period in which i went to maybe a dozen a year.

it's incredibly difficult to compare movies for a top ten (or whatever) list, and my list (this list, anyway) is very much colored by my own personal joys at certain movies being made and is not so much a pure estimation of their quality over the ones not on the list or lower thereon.

1) saving mr. banks *
2) much ado about nothing (2013)
3) blue jasmine
4) ender's game
5) the lone ranger
6) savannah
7) 47 ronin
8) her*
9) the way way back
10) the sapphires
11) the grandmaster
12) star trek: into darkness
13) iron man 3
14) the hobbit - part ii - the desolation of smaug (pronounced s-meow-guh) (j/k)*
15) the secret life of walter mitty*
16) mud
17) dallas buyers club*
18) august: osage county*
19) oz: the great and powerful
20) the great gatsby

there were many worthwhile films we did not see, mostly because they were in limited release or make for a fine rental, and i still very much need to seek out: big sur, upstream color, salinger, in a world, unfinished song, and ip man: the final fight.

there was some competition for the absolute worst movie from 12 years a slave* and nebraska*, but hands down, the worst mistake was seeing a good day to die hard.

* 2013 movies we didn't see in a theatre until 2014
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