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so a couple of the latest.

my tiger is don kelly, but i wouldn't mind having c.'s tiger as my tiger: torii hunter.
he has a sparkling wit and great personality, and gives among the best interviews i've ever seen in sports.
this is only a small fraction (you don't get one of his classic eye rolls), but here's one after he was intentionally hit by a pitch from a grousing pitcher whom the tigers had just homered on:


(you also see our new coach, the laconic brad ausmus)

pride goeth before the fall. or swagger. after winning six straight road games, several tigers posted pictures on social media showing various players on the team plane and in the locker room all draped in tigers zubaz and clowning around. i'm all for team spirit activities, but you can't be publicizing stuff like that. the baseball gods like a professional image and celebratory foolishness only after you've actually won something important. sure enough, the tigers lost 4 straight games immediately afterward, and their two best pitchers got pounded for tons of runs.

i hate to extend the publicity, but for reference, if you like, some zubazers: photos
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