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you're a song i can't get off my mind / with no hope at all in sight

you come rushing in
with a lifeline

i don't listen to bythos much these days. car radio is typically the only time i listen to music much anymore.
but he doesn't seem to mind. every time i invite him over he's his usual jovial self.
i'm doing some packing and cleaning tonight to get ready for the big move on a date uncertain this fall.
in the span of just a few hours, from his 20,000+ arsenal, he's given me:

a song by the polyphonic spree, whom i'm planning on seeing live for the first time in my life this friday.
the song by messiah that samples schwarzenegger's the running man, which c. and i just watched (re-watch for me) last friday.
two songs from bt's transcendental ima, which i first listened to around 1996, as i finished up my first year of college and, that summer, helped my parents move everything from my childhood home of 19+ years to their new place (an apartment -- they weren't interested in home ownership any longer, being empty nested and all).
terrific song after terrific song, despite all the losers padding out the list.
including, as i sat down to write this, muse's knights of cydonia.
Tags: friday night film series, thanks bythos!, that song is about me, the happy phantom

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