cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

sometimes it's nice to be told what i can't do (cf "don't tell me what i can't do", which is also now on the sky blue tee shirt which c. got me as a gift a while back)

big picture wise, i don't have any difficulty knowing what i want.

but small picture wise, like how to spend my unbooked friday evening -- there's so many possibilities it's overwhelming.

so i was waffling over whether to go to tonight's tigers game. on the plus side it's against san francisco, whom i've never seen in person. and there are fireworks scheduled after. and i haven't been to many games at all this season. and it's 90 degrees out and still summer.

but then i checked the forecast, and there's a high likelihood of rain all game long, which could result in the game being canceled completely, or at the very least being delayed. and the fireworks being delayed. but this may lead to a doubleheader on sunday (since espn decided to move the sunday game from its usual 1pm start to 8pm to be their night game, it would fit perfectly at 1pm).

so that much, at least, has been decided for me. now i just have to decide between the other ninety-eight options.


and speaking of the tigers, last night they got another much-needed win against cleveland -- but not without blundering into extra innings again.
the tigers scored 4 in the 1st inning, but managed to give up 4 runs over the middle innings leading to a tie. in fact, at one point the tv showed 4/7 for each team as each had 4 runs and 7 hits at that point in the game. the tigers finally exploded in the 11th inning with 7 runs. and we didn't give up another run. so the final score was 11-4 in 11 innings with half-inning scores of 4&7 for the tigers. i'm just saying. i didn't start watching until the 6th inning but watched from then until the end, with high hopes.
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