cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

speaking of snow

i know enough about the transmission of viewpoints to know that it isn't nearly so much the strength of the viewpoint as the strength of the source of the viewpoint that matters. i'm used to having minority viewpoints on a lot of things (including, often, fairly trivial things). i'm not an evangelist. but setting aside that it doesn't fit my overall personality, that's more about recognizing the futility in advance. so it's always nice when someone with a larger voice espouses my viewpoint. both as validation of my viewpoint and the much greater potential it might actually foster adherents.

this one (like, as i say, many) is pretty trivial. but it matters to me, and, i'm glad to david schoenfield at espn. baseball is a terrific outdoor sport, but it is, in a meaningful way at its essence, a warm weather, snow-free sport that shouldn't be played (at the mlb level) in november. brisk days. not chilly. it's easy to dismiss. who cares? i do. david does too.
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