cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

the left card represents an important element of the past. the grand duke: a pure, exalted and gracious influence. education, knowledge, wisdom, and esoteric teachings. the forces of nature. intuition, foresight, and spiritual revelation of the most mysterious and arcane sort.

the middle card represents a deciding element of the present. hope: refusal to surrender to the inevitable. unwavering courage in the face of overwhelming odds. the will to create a miracle if one is not forthcoming. an unprecedented turn of good fortune.

the right card represents a critical element of the future. the moon: cyclic transformation covering the mysterious forces of the night. feminine beauty and the intoxicating vitality of youth. the metamorphosis from beauty to beast and vice versa. occult forces, sensitivities and intense dreams. dangerous situations and perilous times.
Tags: tarot

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