cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

what's the use in tryin'?
all you get is pain
when i needed sunshine i got rain

imagine you invested $5000 of your hard-earned money in your uncle's restaurant, which when he created it, hired all the right people: decorators, electricians, wait staff, managers, etc. and arranged for the purchase of some terrific foodstuffs. but forgot to hire chefs. so the owner asked a wizened old aunt who makes a mean lasagna and a ne'er-do-well nephew who can put together some pulled pork sliders and asked them to cook everything. including the japanese snapper with sea urchin and coconut risotto and the cherries jubilee. the night of the grand opening all of the guests are evacuated when the flambe’ goes awry and the building burns to the ground. later that evening they all discover they have food poisoning. and the insurance doesn't cover for negligent cookery.

and every year he opens a new restaurant and you have to be an investor and go to the opening because he's family. and every year he inexplicably forgets to hire chefs.

it is just so.
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