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here's a thing

i occasionally check my online fortune cookie. not as often as i have in the past, but few things i did i do regularly now.

here, in the wee hours of october 15th, i checked it. and i liked it, so i decided to save a screen grab. which i seldom do.

so seldom, in fact, i soon discovered, that there was only one such on this computer {omnichron}. there may be others on others. it's so hard to cohere.

and that one? was opened on october 15th, 2011. three years ago to the day. that was three days before i met my wife, who, unbeknownst to me, had been living for more than a year in a house less than 2 miles from the best buy that i frequented on an almost weekly basis, a mere 4 miles from my friend m.'s brother-in-law, s.'s house, that i visited on several occasions before he moved to seattle in 2012 (2011 was our summer of disc golf).

i posted 7 (7!?!) entries on lj that day, including a tarot reading, but did not share that cookie fortune.

that 2011 fortune said:

cookiemancy - 20111015

today's fortune said:

cookiemancy - 20141015

that it is.
Tags: all in the timing, cookiemancy, fucking magnets, grace notes, love is in the air, semi-charmed, thanks bythos!, thanks universe, what the luck

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