cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

speaking of unlikely coincidences and memory plays

bythos has been transplanted somewhat -- i cloned him upon an external drive (along with the other data brethren that coexist with him in his original home) which has very recently been attached to a laptop.

in order to save time when adding music files to the winamp player, i just had winamp add the entire contents of the external drive. this means, in addition to every type of audio file, it adds every type of video file that includes audio to the library from which it rifles.

so just minutes ago, bythos shuffled to audio of a video file that would otherwise never be in his library. that video was me recording myself at jade beach on november 19, 2010 reading aloud a passage from a novella set at jade beach. i'm very far away from that place and time now but i would not want to be very far away from anywhere else.

there is more, of course, but that seems to be all of this thing i wanted to tell. the "more" is just what happened next and keeps on happening--each day's new gorilla nest.
Tags: california, i can't tell you about that, memory plays, nostalgia, thanks bythos!, thanks universe
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