cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

phenotypical clustering

yesterday my friend m. and i were discussing the possibility of going out for dinner at a local beer bar we like and he said he was interested in trying their new bacon item they were calling the 'kevin bacon'. (we didn't end up going because he's under the weather.)

then on the drive home, the modern hits station played the 1999 song by lfo 'summer girls', which i haven't heard on the radio in forever and is entirely out of season right now, but which contains a lyrical reference to kevin bacon.


today, i wore to work a pale gold dress shirt i rarely wear (more champagne than yellow gold), and black pants. two of the women who work in the (very small) office (with a mere ten regular employees) are also wearing champagne gold tops with black pants today.
Tags: phenotypical clustering

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