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i laughed out loud just now. twice. i'm reading the deposition testimony of one of our witnesses and he went to college in great falls, montana, which is where i went for a trial around halloween of 2009. i know it's the 3rd-largest city in the state, but still....

and so just after that i went to glance at the wiki page on great falls, and laughed the second time when i saw one of the sidebar images was a mermaid at the sip 'n' dip lounge. i have been there and in fact sat on a barstool in the precise area where the pic on wiki was taken from. at the time i was there the mermaid tank was undergoing repairs so i didn't get to see a mermaid for myself.

here is the entry where i shared a shot from my seat at the bar: tikiriffic

last night i ate dinner at red robin, which i dig pretty well, and the menu i item i chose was their most recent feature the 'big sky burger', a tribute to montana big sky country designed by a chef from montana. the big sky burger did not debut at the restaurant until just yesterday.
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