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tableau grandissimo!

monty price's ball dropped into a hazard, and he moved it to improve the lie. by jove! they've all been doing that. but over there the game was waxing hot. stillwell and his cowboys saw monty move the ball, and there was a row. they appealed to me. i corrected the play, showed the rules. monty agreed he was in the wrong. however, when it came to moving his ball back to its former lie in the hazard there was more blooming trouble. monty placed the ball to suit him, and then he transfixed me with an evil eye.

"of course you realize, adelaide, that in suggesting this you're insinuating the most shocking things against miss viner?"

"when i say that if you part two young things who are dying to be happy in the lawful way it's ten to one they'll come together in an unlawful one? i'm insinuating shocking things against you, lucretia mary, in suggesting for a moment that you'll care to assume such a responsibility before your maker. and you wouldn't, if you talked things straight out with him, instead of merely sending him messages through a miserable sinner like yourself!"

"sister!" she cried sharply. "fool, i have no sister. my child travelled with the daughter of my dressmaker."

tableau grandissimo!

4. frau fischer.

frau fischer was the fortunate possessor of a candle factory somewhere on the banks of the eger, and once a year she ceased from her labours to make a "cure" in dorschausen, arriving with a dress-basket neatly covered in a black tarpaulin and a hand-bag. the latter contained amongst her handkerchiefs, eau de cologne, toothpicks, and a certain woollen muffler very comforting to the "magen," samples of her skill in candle-making, to be offered up as tokens of thanksgiving when her holiday time was over.

they may, perhaps, become worthy of the names which they bear. they, on their part, promise to comply with our wishes; and our care is to discover what studies or pursuits are likely to be most improving to them. some one commended to us the art of fighting in armour, which he thought an excellent accomplishment for a young man to learn; and he praised the man whose exhibition you have seen, and told us to go and see him. and we determined that we would go, and get you to accompany us; and we were intending at the same time, if you did not object, to take counsel with you about the education of our sons. that is the matter which we wanted to talk over with you; and we hope that you will give us your opinion about this art of fighting in armour, and about any other studies or pursuits which may or may not be desirable for a young man to learn. please to say whether you agree to our proposal.

lastly, we went to marguerite's grave, on which the first rays of the april sun were bringing the first leaves into bud.

one duty remained to armand--to return to his father. he wished me to accompany him.

we arrived at c., where i saw m. duval, such as i had imagined him from the portrait his son had made of him, tall, dignified, kindly.

he welcomed armand with tears of joy, and clasped my hand affectionately. i was not long in seeing that the paternal sentiment was that which dominated all others in his mind.
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