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cleaning up so well

the present is embodied in hexagram 62 - hsiao kuo (preponderance of the small): in these circumstances which it implies, there will be progress and attainment, but it will be advantageous to be firm and correct. action may be taken in small affairs, but not in great affairs. like the notes that come down from a bird on the wing, to descend is better than to ascend. there will, in this way, be great good fortune.

in your private life...

words that embody your presence are "brother, concubine, fantasy, pyramid, republic, symbol, triangle, tunnel, velvet, warning".

words that embody the people or things that you interact with are "champagne, gazelle, language, passage".

words that embody people or things in your periphery are "entertainment".

the card at the top represents one possible mask of your true destination. six of swords (science): trusting in intelligence and intuition and setting off into the unknown. leaving an untenable situation and charting a new course. passage from difficulty and progress towards a solution. the road to recovery. travel and exploration.
Tags: numerology, prophetic, tarot

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