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enjoying the time that i have

as usual, with the disclaimer that naturally many things in our life are far from rosy: things have been falling together pretty nicely.

i'm in the midst of enjoying the annual free use period (not exclusively annual -- it pops up at other times too, but the thanksgiving season always puts a lot of drivers in their cars) of the sirius satellite radio in ophelia which began last wednesday and is especially nice for me this year when i'm spending so very much time on the road. (naturally we'll be using c.'s minivan (it has the built-in dvd player for cw) for the long thanksgiving round trip itself, not ophelia, but nonetheless). i've had all the usual great music and great music coincidences.

so tonight, moments ago, having stopped briefly at home after leaving the monday night football game downtown at ford field shortly before it ended, i decided to go to our buffalo wild wings (ha! one of the teams at ford field had been buffalo) in the northern suburbs to watch the remainder of the other monday night football game with baltimore and new orleans and grab a bite to eat (i skipped dinner before and during the first game, not wanting to lose my seat at the game).

as i was making the drive over, i wondered to myself whether i had time for this sort of foolishness in this very short working week filled with lots to do before the hectic travel with lots to do; wondered whether i even had time to get in and order food at the bw3 since i knew from the prior week's steelers game that it closes at eleven on mondays (to new patrons).

at that very second, the 60s hits station began playing the rolling stones' cover of time is on my side.
yes it did.

who am i to argue fate?
(as the lyrics go)


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