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i went to the laundromat tonight because the washer's on the fritz (one of those lovely phrases of unknown origin).
the quartermaker there turned out to contain a cornucopia of national parks quarters.

i almost never, still, use cash, so i rarely see quarters. but from my prior endeavours i'd gathered all of the state quarters and territory quarters except american samoa.
well, technically, i had american samoa, but i'd set it somewhere for safekeeping and haven't since encountered it again. and tonight, among the treasure, the only territorial quarter in the whole bunch, actually, was american samoa (2009). so that map is now full.

of the 2010 national parks the laundromagic dispenser provided yellowstone and grand canyon (i already had grand canyon, but like samoa, it was't handy). i previously had the other 3: hot springs, yosemite, and mt. hood.

of the 2011 national parks it provided none, but that was okay because i already have them: glacier, gettysburg, vicksburg, olympic, and chickasaw.

of the 2012 national parks it provided denali which was great because i needed it. i have hawaii volcanoes and el yunque. i have acadia in maine somewhere about but i'm not sure where. i can't remember if i have chaco culture in new mexico at all. i thought maybe, but now i'm not sure.

of the 2013 national parks it provided mount rushmore. i already had perry's victory and great basin and fort mchenry. i have white mountain somewhere about, probably with the acadia.

the mother lode was the 2014 national parks for which it provided the utah arches, colorado great sand dunes, florida everglades, and tennessee great smoky mountains. the only one it didn't provide was the virginia shenandoah (released, funnily enough, on 4/7/14). the everglades were only just released on november 3rd.

if wikipedia is to be believed there is no real consistency to the amount of each coin minted. for example there were 70 million of each 2010 quarter (give or take a few hundred thousand), or 350 million in total, yet there were 465 million of just the utah arches minted. bizarre.

if my acadia and white mountain show up i'll only need chaco culture and shenandoah to be completely caught up until the nebraska homestead is released on january 26th of 2015. not bad for someone who almost never uses cash. the chaco culture is going to be the hardest to find since the 44 million minted was the least of any quarter in the series and a study done on behalf of the treasury estimated that 147 million americans collected the state quarters.

the national parks series continues with the five per year through 2020 and is capped off in 2021 with alabama. so expect updates over the next seven years.
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