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double the christmas fun

NB: i recommend having read my previous entry: 'detroit marathon i' before reading this entry.

so every year that we've spent christmas together in pittsburgh (2012 & 2013 so far), christy and i have worked together to create a christmas mix cd to give as a gift to friends and family, each with its own theme. the first edition was double talk with lots of songs with the word talk including, naturally, talk talk by talk talk, but no songs with the word double or doppleganger. the second edition was two of every animal with pairs of songs for 12 different animals.

the theme of twos from the first two continues with our third effort which will be a double album called a tale of two cities (coming back home).
the tale of two cities of course being the story of our lives in the cities of detroit and pittsburgh. the homecoming to pittsburgh being c's story but the weekly episode of me coming back home from the road to c being my story.

so the last couple were a bit of a challenge to find songs, but songs about cities and tales and stories and home and coming back to it are legion.
the challenge this year is to find the courage to leave beloved songs on the cutting room floor and whittle down to the inevitable final vital song list.

because although we're looking for songs with the words detroit and pittsburgh and city and town and story and tale and welcome and coming back home, the intent of the theme is to encompass grand life changes and time periods, and the universal and broad scope of the novel's famous opening lines. (as i told ms mollberg, i have retained since high school the mistaken though that the novel began and ended with the same sentence, but alas, no.)

so it shouldn't be a surprise that the universe has continually lobbied me to include the smashing pumpkins tonight, tonight by playing it on multiple disparate and often unexpected radio stations and satellite stations until i finally realized it had the word city in it.

the music is epic in scope and the song is littered with lines like: "our lives are forever changed" and "the indescribable moments of your life" as well as "the place where you were born". it also has an amazing video which is true of many of the songs we're thinking of using, a video whose costumes and dirigible evoke the era of dickens' novel.

the whittling process is beginning, it's going to be quite an undertaking.
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