cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

detroit marathon iv - the emerald city

color me as green as the dinosaur in my icon whom i'm the spitting image of. my mind is breaking.

when i began writing this series, and naturally, years ago when i first discovered the resemblance of my employer to the wizard of oz, i had never been inside our new office building. so imagine my amazement on monday when i found out that we were now in the emerald city.

the photo below shows the marvelous nine-story fountain in the atrium of the building, which can be seen directly from our balcony adjacent to our restrooms. the resemblance to depictions of the emerald city is uncanny.

i haven't been able to dig up much about the history of this building and when the fountain was created.



Tags: detroit marathon, emerald city, grace notes, happenschance, paying for the balcony, what the luck

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