cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

speaking of despairing

in nowhere near so dire a way, i am now, of how to complete our music mix the way we want to without seeming (too) pretentious and navel-gazing.

part of the thing is the audience: as i mentioned, the explicit lyric/adult concepts tracks could make their own disc. i have another set of songs that don't really fit our target audience but would be fine for the mix otherwise.

part of the thing is the scope of this thing, life changes, travel, cities, home and away, it's so universal that innumerable artists have addressed it, and i hate to leave any favorites off. as an example, c. told me over skype this evening that her sister l., having been apprised of our undertaking, wondered whether 'go home' by the barenaked ladies (a band we happen to like reasonably well) was on it. it would be on her sister's mix of this title but it won't be on ours.

but time escapes me and the final decisions will be made.
Tags: and what do you do?, detroit, pittsburgh, radio jonesy, rock in some hard places

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