cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

speaking of pynchon

i'm so far out of the loop that when the trailer for inherent vice came on before we saw the terrific st. vincent a couple weeks ago, i had no idea it was for inherent vice, just that it looked like a phenomenal movie and that i could tell before it said so that it was a p.t. anderson film, which goes to show that i somehow managed not to know or to somehow know but forget that anderson was directing it.

last weekend i went to my old hometown used bookstore i've mentioned before. i happened upon a copy of mason & dixon in a 'new arrivals to be shelved' bin and also picked up vineland but they didn't have any others. and i need to start with v. because that's how i roll.
Tags: 1001 movies, books, loopside, never found it blissful

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