cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

oscar, party of five

we're having a small one at c.'s sister l.'s.

once again c. and i managed to see all the best picture nominees and most of the other films despite how many of them don't come out until the months immediately preceding the awards. local hero michael keaton was grand but there are few performances in any year that would beat eddie redmayne's hawking.

we still haven't seen: wild, still alice, into the woods, two days, one night, and inherent vice (ack!) ("director paul thomas anderson still has no idea if author thomas pynchon approves of his adaptation of the book inherent vice, even though it’s nominated for best adapted screenplay") (ljer casey jones still has no idea if other ljers approve of his adaptaion, even though it's been out for nine and a half weeks).

should be the best musical opening since billy crystal.
Tags: 1001 movies, can you feel the beat down in your soul?, lips different, pittsburgh

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