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once more, with feeling

delinquently, as usual:

so i was invited out to dinner for chinese new year's eve by friend m. and his wife who is chinese and had actually just returned from a trip to shanghai for work (and showed us some very neat photos including on days where the sky was filled with smog and days where the blue sky could be seen). we discussed the fact that it could be considered the year of the goat (my preference), the sheep, or the ram due to the ambiguity of the chinese character used.

it's not often that a cookie fortune i get is in broken english anymore, but in this case it added a casual colloquial feel that made the message even better. and it was new to me despite having been around since at least 2007, which is always appreciated. it was certainly pertinent to my present and near-future, and presumably, as my new year's fortune, to the rest of the year: 'on the right track, means need to run even faster, or got run over'.

i've definitely been running fast, so the "even faster" part is apt. and the consequences of not keeping up are now made clear.


also, since i rode with my friends from their house, i was given to learn that their inside-the-garage parking space is numbered 23 (i already had known that their outside lot parking space is numbered 16). not one, but two of the numbers! it should not be a surprise.


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