cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

i found him!

despite paying perfect attention to the bills that cross my path i have very rarely encountered where's george bills since i first learned of the phenomenon many years ago. (to be fair, as i've said, i don't utilize cash all that often (who does anymore, really?)). i got one on a twenty from the atm the other day and quickly registered it with the site. i was pretty thrilled with what i learned. the bill had managed to go almost eight (!) years without being registered by anyone (this is a strong indication of how few people care about where's georgeing -- presuming that the original georger had put it into circulation shortly after registering it). anyway it traveled 477 miles to get to me in 7 years and 147 days (rounding up from 146.4167 days). ha! the original georger was in blauvelt, new york, which is a hamlet (!) sized about 4.7 square miles located about 27 miles away from any part of new york city i've been to. it sounds like a reasonably interesting place, this blue fields.

Tags: new york, numismatics

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