cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

so while i'm packing up the whole rest of the house to be moved to a different house in pittsburgh, i've been having bythos shuffle through a mix of every audio file that's on one of my external drives (zilveritas). since he imported every audio file, not just full length mp3s, there's quite a few oddities in there. one is this: i have used the freeware program audacity to edit songs from time to time, and i occasionally have saved an audacity project without having completed my edits. the way that audacity appears to save the project is as a series of .au files that are 5 second snippets taken from the original file, in order. bythos imports these .au files, which means i have hundreds and hundreds of little 5 second clips strewn about with my songs. they're short so i don't often mind when they pop up. anyhow bythos just played a 27 second mp4 file that i recorded myself at margot's new year's eve 2007/08 concert at schuba's in chicago of the best part of skeleton key and immediately followed that with a 5 second clip of the same part of the same song from a different live recording from the very same venue but in january of 2009 (i didn't make this recording and i don't think i was at this concert [but i could be wrong]). because that's what bythos does.
Tags: moving on, thanks bythos!

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