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starting again with a new home

so the first song in our oft-mentioned but never revealed annual christmas mix album by c. and myself (the 2014 special magnum opus edition) is come to me by goo goo dolls, which i happened to hear by chance in 2014. it was a natural fit for the first song because it was framed both from the standpoint of a long-wed couple looking back on their life together and from the standpoint of a new couple starting again (perhaps later in life like we two) and even included lyrics about getting married (an event that was the centerpiece of our 2014). the video, below, is worth watching (it was included in our video version of the mix, as this year i got all the videos to the songs and created dvds of them), and the song, well it's my new favorite song. i also enjoyed the official lyric video (i love this new thing, the artistic official lyric videos, such as all the ones for songs by of monsters and men), and while it wasn't included in the video mix, i've linked to it below.

so anyway on monday of this week c. and i were at the furniture store having finally decided on our first piece of furniture we have ever purchased together (a sectional and a coffee table with two matching end tables), to help us start again in our new home in pittsburgh. we were at the finance area working with the salesperson who was getting the order input. and this song came on through the speakers piping music throughout the showroom. just perfect.

come to me video

official lyric video
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