cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

abridgement meant the worst

so i was reading the original variety blurb review of mad max for perspective and saw one of the headlines along the right column was:

sofia coppola is no longer

and i thought to myself, "what bizarre fate has befallen sofia that she has shuffled from this mortal coil!?!"
i really did.
i thought it was an incredibly poetic way of relating her demise, but plausible.
and when i discovered that the full headline was sofia coppola is no longer directing 'the little mermaid' i was gratified for her continued existence but disappointed in the declining standards of publication.

but i was then better prepared to parse headlines such as disney pulls plug on olivia wilde.
(project, TRON 3).
Tags: 1001 films, other voices, the last shuffle, they said it

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