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hello LiJo

there are still these things:

so here in pittsburgh (where i live (...!)) they have one of those cinemas of yesteryears, a movie house showing theatrical releases of bygone years rather than a bit of the new. one screen dedicated to weekly themed sets of four films alternated daily with mixed showtimes to encourage viewing of all four if one pleases. row house cinema it's dubbed, after the staples of the neighbourhood. this week's theme (starting on fridays, always) is paul thomas anderson. which means two great movies, one epic something, and one putrid mess (punch drunk love). been meaning to show c. magnolia (as you all know one of my ten best of all time), and theatrically is perfect. will be doing so.

so then, today, on the first day of it, i sit down to bythos, as i so rarely do anymore, and skipping past the first three songs which don't interest me so much at the moment, the very fourth song is from aimee mann's magnolia soundtrack, namely nothing is good enough. this was not just a matter of chance. these strange things happen all the time.

i feel like i may be back for a while, lijo.
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