cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

it's a fine line

we've just recently picked up watching (rewatching, mostly, for me), house again, having watched all of the first two seasons (except the second season finale) when we were in michigan. we watched several episodes in the past several days including a pair on tuesday night.

so when i left the grocery store tonight and turned on ophelia's tuner, and discovered that the talk channel i'd surfed too earlier was now delivering religious programming, and i veered to the next nearest station, i was immediately given the philospher jagger's "you can't always get what you want", cued up to the very start of the song (nothing heard before it and nothing missed), which is one of house's theme songs, bookending the first season.

i'd already been mulling the philosophy in recent months as more and more often, it seems, i not only can't get what i want, i'm not certain that i very often get what i need. and i'm trying, you must try.

it can be a fine line, that line between want and need.
and lately i've been feeling like someone else has decided many of my perceived needs were only wants.
and really, the line is you can't always get what you want, not you can't ever get what you want.
so why can't i occasionally get what i think i need, even if it's just what i want?
Tags: grace notes, house calls, need want, radio jonesy, thanks bythos!, thanks universe

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