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the card on the far right represents the object being viewed, be it an idea, relationship, or the self. knowledge: an important, possibly moral choice to be made. be discriminating with advice from others. deep insight into a relationship or one's own involvement in a relationship. a need to integrate all levels of consciousness within oneself. an opportunity for intimacy and open communications.

the card second from the right represents the physical vision: how the object is seen at a base or mechanical level. six of painting (assistance): giving or receiving favors or tangible help of some kind. sponsorship or patronage. a positive influence in the situation. although "over your head," an angel may rescue you. generosity of spirit. being charitable. assisting those in need. in the creative process: you can attract the assistance and tools you need by using your imagination and not giving up hope.

the card in the middle represents the mental vision: the object personified and seen through a humanized perspective. six of poetry (cooperation): "gods are visions of the eternal attributes, or divine names: they ought to be the servants, and not the masters of man... cooperating in the bliss of man obeying his will servants to the infinite & eternal of the human form". ability to evoke what you need by using personifying and mythologizing as creative tools. special help is on the way. accessing your own unconscious powers. creative traveling. soaring to success through teamwork. dealing with those in high places. acting as the courier of important information. in the creative process: this is a time to rely on your intuition to invoke the "eternal attributes" you need to get the job done; cooperate with your visions.

the card second from the left represents the emotional vision: how passions and values are creatively stimulated by the mental vision. two of science (reflection): being at the threshold of something. a mental or reasoned choice to be made. dilemma. waiting for something to happen. a temporary balance of opposite natures. in the creative process: an uneasy decision about which way to proceed, perhaps between a rational versus intuitive approach. weigh the potential rewards versus the possible dangers.

the card on the far left represents the fourfold or mystical vision: still viewing through the previous three, we now add a spiritual element, revealing unseen aspects of the object. lightning: an unexpected shock, upheaval, or stunning event. a burst of insight, or spiritual breakthrough. a close call. release or liberation of energy.

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