cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
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i was young, sure, but i watched villanova win the title in 1985. it is one of my favorite finals ever, and final fours (memphis state, st. john's, and georgetown too?!?!). in one sense it might have been cooler if michigan had defeated villanova, but having eight-seeded villanova win it all was phenomenal. it was only my second march madness ever (i just missed the cinderella run by jimmy valvano). (it's truly surreal to reflect on having watched the madness for 33 marches [but then, i know people who have watched all fifty super bowls...]).

seeing villanova win it again 31 years later gives one a little more hope in fairytale endings. go tigers!
Tags: athletics, detroit, light years, madmethodness, march madness, time and time again, true story

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