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april in the d

tonight was a fantastic night for detroit sports fans. the red wings and pistons both were victorious and both near realization of their playoff hopes (one for an amazing 25th straight season, the other for the first time since spring of 2009) [the pistons defeated the magic (!) to reduce their magic number to 1]. the tigers also won to begin the season 2-0. the trifecta! tomorrow night the tigers and pistons don't have games so the city can focus entirely on the red wings playing the nemesis bruins in boston. on 4-7 (!).

*'april in the d' is the creation of the fox sports tv network (trademarked in advance of april 2013) to promote the fact that three of the four major sports leagues are all playing at the same time (and of course frequently being broadcast on said network); two of them at the end of the regular season and (hopefully) the beginning of playoffs, one just beginning its season.
i'm personally enjoying april in the p (hmmm...maybe needs revision) [or not enjoying -- too chilly!] in body whilst enjoying both in spirit.

*it was also a pretty remarkable night for pittsburgh -- the pirates finished off a season-opening three-game sweep of their long-time rivals, whom they have been neck and neck with in the division race for the past several years, the cardinals of saint louis.


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Apr. 11th, 2016 02:28 pm (UTC)
The Bruins collapse was pretty bad but you can always count on a worse performance to come along and push you off the headlines. I don't watch golf but there's a golfer crying on the front of the Wall Street Journal.
Apr. 12th, 2016 06:50 am (UTC)
yeah, sunday wasn't a good day for jordans.
i'm sure there are out in the interwebs pictures of the golfer with michael jordan's crying face. regardless of the fact that sad keanu was kind of amusing, i really tire of this internet environment that recycles the same unfunny joke over and over. mildly funny once maybe. but not twice and not nthfinitely.
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