cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

so i was listening to a podcast conversation in which one of the participants made reference by description to one of the principal characters of the tv show heroes, hiro nakamura, whose forename is, by no coincidence, a homophone for the titular subjects of the show. neither participant, despite knowing the character by the description, could remember his name.

Poll #2044978 i really do think. or at least i think i think.

is the occurence i describer herein irony?

i accept multiple definitions for the word irony and this fits one of those.
i would like to complain about this poll.
i would like to complain about the lack of polls in this journal the past few years.
i would like to complain about the lack of a presence on lj from mollberg, in no small part because her polls were sublime.
waterfall semblance emporium doorstop.
Tags: isn't it ironic that it isn't ironic?, polls

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