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wondrous old friends

i haven't listened to bythos much in quite some time, and maybe that's part of the problem.

anyhow, because bythos is bythos, he gave me u2's zoo station, the 1st track of achtung baby. and then naturally followed that immediately with nine inch nail's cover of the song from ahk-toong bay-bi covered. algorithms schmalgorithms. the file name for my mp3 of the first track just says 'achtung baby - 01', it doesn't have the song name. and the second mp3 track is from a completely differently named album. and my version of bythos' software hasn't been updated since 2007 and the latter album didn't come out until 2011. and bythos is not in contact with the mothership, nor has he been. you can't explain these fucking magnets with your science -- this is walt whitman shit, not walt white.

the song is largely about reinvention, and so i get it. and so i'll keep telling myself, like he says, that i'm ready. ready for what's next. even if i might not be.

oh, and zoo station is clearly one of the dharma stations.
Tags: fucking magnets, lost, ou2?, radio jonesy, thanks bythos!, thanks universe

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