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having finally seen concussion, i can concur with those who said that racial preferencing kept it and will smith from the oscar noms. it was the third best picture of 2015. it was generally pretty easy for americans to get mad at big tobacco. it's much harder for them to get mad at big sports. as hard as it is supposed to be to do so, nicotine is easier to kick.

on a personal note, i really didn't plan it this way, but it occurs to me after the fact that watching this now drops it into my will smith 4th of july series. the rest were in theatres.
it started in 1996 with the necessarily titled independence day, continued in '97 with men in black, '99 with (the much-maligned but not by me) wild wild west, '02 with the return of the men in black, (the disturbingly unreleased until july 16th) i, robot in '04, hancock in '08 (he's getting presidential with these release year gaps now), men in black 3 in 2012 (extremely disturbingly released at the end of may -- but i waited until 4th of july weekend to see it in theatres), and after earth in 2013 (likewise).

so i was disappointed to hear he wouldn't be in the new independence day (haven't seen it, don't think i will) -- but more disappointed really that suicide squad wasn't coming out on july 4th weekend. and that men in black 4 isn't on the schedule even though bad boys 3 & 4 are (though if they come out on july 4th...silver lining).

at the end of the fairly recent interview with, the interviewer encourages will smith to run for president. he says he's gonna give it a few years. i hope he does. that would be one hell of a 4th of july.
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