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in just another crazy example of that oh so typical phenotypical clustering:

our selection for this past friday's friday night film series (just a fancy sobriquet for staying at home and watching a movie) was air america, a movie that i don't now recall having seen any promotion for back in 1990 even though it was the 37th biggest film of that year. but then there's a lot of things i watched and read in 1990 that i no longer have any recollection of (not including the iron-contra hearings, which i recall very well despite not understanding what the hell was going on at the time, at that age). our first time watching it. one of the prominently featured songs in the movie was an old favorite, horse with no name by (ha!) america. the very next night we were watching another episode of millennium (i've been planning to write about this (awful more often than decent) show) and it just happened to be the episode that prominently features horse with no name during a pivotal sequence. you know, just happened to. of the very small handful of soundtrack usages (according to wiki), we randomly happened to watch two back to back. you know, randomly.

and minorly along this line, one of the main cast of air america was the guy that played hospital administrator bob kelso on scrubs. watching an episode of west wing tonight (the other ancient series we're presently watching (pasterly watching?)) one of the guest stars in a minor role was the guy who plays ted, the lawyer on scrubs who is kelso's right hand man (in a major minor role). just sayin'.
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