cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

i feel as though i imagine marty mcfly felt when he woke up in the wrong 1985, a 1985 minimally familiar, yet horrifyingly alien. hell valley.
i'm not sure you can adequately understand how much i entirely feel exactly that. unless you, like doc brown, are stranded here with me.

because really i feel like i felt the morning of the nine-eleven attacks watching evil unfold in real time on my television screen.

sartre wrote that hell is other people. really though, it's only certain other people and being geographically bound to a society that they inhabit.
i'm not really sure how it hasn't been made clear, year after year after year, that we're two nations, wholly divided. and that that should change.
peacefully, legislatively, with finality.
Tags: altered states

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