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speaking of universes and rewatches

we finished, on saturday night, the penultimate (!) but not truly penultimate season of the x-files. the season in which the creators decided to shift the x-files' alien nation universe into a sideways terminator universe in order to extend the mythology arc which serves as the vessel for the of-the-week stories. season eight. i had occasionally stumbled upon reruns during the middle to late 2000s and rewatched some of the first season at the end of the initial run when the show became increasingly self-referential, but this past year (!) has been the only time i've really ever rewatched it. and for c., much of the series has been entirely new to her. a year! and more. the only way i could really remember for certain that it's been a year is by remembering myself making sure we watched the season 6 episode with the christmas ghosts during the christmas season last year even though we were probably still on season 4 or 5 at the time. true, we did detour into 3 seasons of millennium (with little enjoyment to be had from it), and we took our time with that because it was so joyless, but i'm still astounded that it has taken us so long to get here. and here isn't even ready to watch the 2016 episodes. (not that there is any urgency now since any future episodes aren't likely until fall of 2017 at the earliest.) or i'm astounded that so many other people i know seem to have the time to stay current on so many shows as well as spend time visiting with older shows. all of this goes into all of things i've been mulling about episodic television (not to say that i'm alone in this), about how the feeling one has that one wishes one's favorite show will never end runs up against the reality that it should and even when favorite shows pretend not to end they really have for all intents and purposes. it's a relief to know that there's another episode of cheers to watch when the mood strikes but there comes a point when a brand new episode may as well be a rerun when all the jokes and plotlines are increasingly minor variations on wellworn themes. and the rerunniness of the later season x-files along with the frequent absence of mulder makes it a slog as well. but i am a completist and i don't want to miss out on the moments of excellence strewn throughout, such as those that were so plentiful in the eighth season finale. /end ramble.
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