cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

it seems unlikely to me that it should be
that i had never before been given to see
the video which rotated so heavily
within and was so much-accoladed by mtv
until almost a quarter century
had passed since it debuted upon the screens
so now all these years later i randomly
watched the video for silent all these years
and yet i may be fooling myself
perhaps i did see it in 1992 or
perhaps i have seen it once in the intervening years
i have to use mental landmarks to tie events to specific dates and years anymore
and i do recall that fall
of 1992 was when i fell
(madly) for the music
and the chanteuse
and the fans too (certain ones specifically though generally
and living as i likely had done at the time
in a house bereft of said mtv
it is quite feasible that they had moved on to the next big thing
before that unfortunate circumstance was remedied

and then even as old things are to be found all around
change is constant and old things disappear to
for even as i return to the fan site hereinmyhead for information about the video
i find that after 20 years (1996-2016 says a simple splash page like a tombstone)
it has ceased to publish all the content it once published
yet another dreadful event in this not-a-pretty-good-year-at-all-actually year full of them
Tags: artists, enamour, orange clouds, video jonesy, what never happened may have, what never may have happened

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