cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

oh and one of the things in 2017 looking up is that a week ago when c.'s sister k., who i am in large part unfond of, came over for dinner and stayed over on friday night to spend time with c., she brought a bottle of wine (actually, she brought two, only one of) which was from a vineyard in one of my favorite counties, san luis obispo, just an hour south of my dearly beloved hearst castle. a vineyard i was unfamiliar with (as i am so very many), the niven family wine estates. and not just any one of their (sure to be) fine wines, but the perfectly dubbed true myth cabernet sauvignon. with a nicely decorated bottle adorned with an emerson quote. but still further, despite the fact that k. tends to be quite the drinker and can handle a bottle of wine without assistance, neither of them drank all that much that night, and k. having left the bottle, i've been fortunate enough to have three glasses over three nights. true story. with a hint of myth.
Tags: mythions impossible, true story

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