cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

the shaper of things to come

seriously with this wikipedia following me thing! first this week it was the shakespeare authorship question. then, this morning i quite randomly selected my dharma looking glass station lost tee shirt with the white (or in this case blue) rabbit, pretty much entirely because it was blue (as mondays almost always are), and looked a bit later to see that benjamin linus was on the cover of wiki as the feature article was his excellent emmy-nominated episode of lost (the only thing better would have been if the feature had been nine episodes earlier's through the looking glass). and then at the store after work i find the easter candy clearance aisle and can't help but get some chocolate bunnies. so then when i got home tonight the article had changed to george calvert, 1st baron baltimore, secretary of state under king james, and i've just reached the portion of my shakespeare biography (the one i'm reading not the one i'm writing) dealing with the arrival of king james and the writing of a scottish play for him. if the featured article tomorrow is about derek jacobi or the world of peter rabbit and friends i'm going to have to take action.
Tags: all in the timing, grace notes, great shakes, lost, properly paranoid

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