cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

the owls are not what they've seen

so, days away as we are now, we're a good distance away from finishing season two, never mind the film.
i've seen it all before of course (a constant theme), but she hasn't.
i waited too long to dive in, and then of course distractions and detours occur.
not that we'd ask for fewer playoff hockey games to need to tune in for.
saturday-sunday could be a marathon.

beyond the fact that the dream sequence right near the outset makes it clear that part of the story is set twenty-five years in the future, i haven't observed any details thus far that seem to play into or foreshadow what dreams may come.

stay tuned, it's almost on the air (he said, shamelessly).
Tags: owls, two things

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