cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
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one of the few hobbies that take up what little free time that i have is fantasy baseball, in several varieties.

in the one variety, every player has a virtual salary which changes from year to year based on performance. salaries can range anywhere from a hundred dollars to more than ten thousand dollars.

and so,

as one of the little things the universe does, the salaries of two players, dallas keuchel and patrick corbin, are only separated by nineteen dollars, so that as one reads down the page from the top the names are consecutive (in that order) and one's mind leaps across the gap to read "dallas corbin". and dallas corbin is, of course, the name of a protagonist of that masterpiece of cinema, the fifth element.

just a knowing wink, is all.
Tags: 1001 films, baseball, flights of fantasy, thanks universe

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