cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

sometimes it snows in april, endlessly

it's a regular thing, this citation to that sweet prince lyric, to the point one struggles to recall which aprils showed no snow.

and blessedly, easter sunday no sign was seen (to the happy detriment of nightspore's pun). but easter monday it came, and should i really be surprised that one monday later it recurred? that snow fell lazily in a snow globe all the afternoon and into the evening today of all days? and then, as i discovered around eleven while taking the trash cans to the curb for morning pickup, picking up in intensity and clinging more readily to the now cooler ground and grass and cars and all, until i had to scrape an inch and a half off the lid of the can? today, the ninth day of april, and sure to stay through til morning when in distasteful irony our brand new outdoor furniture is to be delivered and placed upon our wooden balcony? a cruel joke indeed yet of that kind that cannot fail to amuse.
Tags: apropoity, balconies are a solace, jokes on who, owl that you can't leave behind, weather it was

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