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years and years ago i held a poll about what the superior form of art was between things like paintings, books, movies, songs, etc. superior in which regard i don't recall if i specified. i think no one agreed with me, which is terrific. my answer was lyric songs. i still believe it. [obviously no form is truly 'superior' -- all are virtuous and necessary.]

as long as life is, the shards of life are short, and lyric songs, while limited in some ways in what they can impart and the effect they can have on one, inherently do their work with a brevity that is magical in relation to the outsized effect they have. poetry is a close second and the brevity of most poetry is an element i always treasured. but the best lyric songs fuse poetry with music and the combination of two great artforms elevates the whole past either individually.

music videos perhaps then would be the posited superior as combining three great artforms. and while i would grant the validity of the positing my further criteria is the manner of distribution. lyric songs are far easier to convey to many people in many settings (including the great outdoors). as for example, it is much more common and easier for a movie to incorporate a song than a music video into its own art.

and a lyric song is easier for just about anyone to imitate and duplicate. anyone with a voice can sing a lyric song and convey a large portion of the experience; any individual or group of someones with an instrument or two or three can convey a version of the song which is its own unique experience and work of art even in its derivation of the original work of art.

i also find that music stays with me in my recollection far more often than most any other kind of art. possibly in large part because of its brevity and ease of triggering recollection with just a fraction being heard, but i think there's a lot more to it.
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