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speaking of

noticing new things on rewatches of twin peaks,

watching the first episode of s3 again i notice that constance talbot, the forensics specialist at the buckhorn police department, has on her (otherwise tidy) desk, in addition to two paperweights (one appears to be a bust of abraham lincoln, the other a simple glass dome), a small amount of crumpled paper, or possibly origami, it's very hard to make out, that resembles, from a distance, a blue rose. but we never do get any sort of closeup.

and then i pay a bit more attention to the fact the lead detective, macklay, while searching the trunk of william hastings, has a broken flashlight which emits light in a regular rhythmic pulse of white, rather than a steady beam. disruptions to light sources and other electrical apparatus are a common occurrence in various locales in the story, going all the way back to the autopsy of laura palmer.
Tags: blue, electricity, need want, new eyes, pulse, the owls

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