August 30th, 2007

blue legacy

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the fifth line, divided, shows its subject surrounded by screens so large and thick banner, through which at midday he can see from them the constellation of the bushel. but he meets with the subject of the line above whom he follows, and is dissatisfied in his mind.
the third line, undivided, shows the representative of the union of men in the suburbs. there will be no mistake.

she listened with a growing sense of reassurance, struggling to separate the abstract sense of his words like the voice of reason, law, prophecy and truth. it is the surest--perhaps even the safest."

mr verloc would be found at home in a state of poverty, who make no approaches to the dignity of crowns. to be poor, in the epick language, is only not to command the wealth of nations, nor to have fleets and armies in pay.

this agreeable sense of solitude, of having the house to herself, of which i am very prowd, reuengefull,
ambitious, with more offences at my becke,
then i haue thoughts to put them in imagination, to giue
them shape, or time to acte them in. what should such
fellowes as i do, that i am open
in total disarray
blue legacy

the time has come to make things right


the second line, divided, shows its subject, in the condition indicated by ming i, wounded in the left thigh. he saves himself by the strength of a swift horse and is fortunate.
the fourth line, divided, shows its subject just entered into the left side of the belly of the dark land. but he is able to carry out the mind appropriate in the condition indicated by ming i, quitting the gate and courtyard of the lord of darkness.
the sixth line, divided, shows the case where there is no light, but only obscurity. its subject had at first ascended to the top of the sky, but his future shall be to go into the earth.

the left card represents an important element of the past. queen of swords, when reversed: consuming fire; the flames of the martyrdom of joan of arc, phaedra's misguided passion, medea's jealousy, lady macbeth's ambition. fire, if left to burn unchecked, can consume the soul.
the middle card represents a deciding element of the present. the devil, when reversed: irresponsible pleasures. prankishness. childish panic. undignified behavior. fare baccano, to "paint the town."
the right card represents a critical element of the future. five of swords (defeat), when reversed: entering new experiences after persuasion or seduction. undertaking new adventures.

for their difficulty was not a practical but a metaphysical one; and their conception of falsehood was really impaired and weakened by a metaphysical illusion.

while the selfish interests hidden in these hearts were struggling in deadly combat the events which resulted from them had a fatal celebrity.

such an one makes me merry with the sound of his voice; and when i hear him i am thought to be a lover of discourse; so eager am i in drinking in his words. but a man whose actions do not agree with his words is an annoyance to me; and the better he speaks the more i hate him, and then i seem to be a hater of discourse. as to socrates, i have no knowledge of his words, but of old, as would seem, i have had experience of his deeds; and his deeds show that free and noble sentiments are natural to him.

"on the soul which i have lost and on the conscience which i have killed, i tell you that i CANNOT feel! i am as the gods, knowing good and evil, but untouched by either. is this enviable or is it not?"

ah, if odysseus might but return and come to his own country, right soon would yonder doors full wide as they are, prove all too strait for thee in thy flight through the doorway!
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    i've got to show the world/all that i wanna be/and all my abilities
blue legacy

falling in love

the flaming butterfly poised between the jaws of the lion.
if i did not dare to enter the building, filled as it was with a solemn shadow on his face when he found that none of the masses and all of a sudden he found himself, not in the air of that room a certain faint perfume that he knew, that recalled her to his mind with marvellous vividness?

spend all you have been, or could be.

i've got some real pretty ones in this box...

'The BaRge she sat iN, like a BURNished throNe
BURNT oN the water: the POOP was BeateN gold,
PURPle the sails and so PUR* Fumed that * per
The wiNds were love-sick with them.'

they sat down to the subway

he trembled to think that he can't take care of himself in a given instance

maybe the problem is me
but i won’t make believe
and i can’t take this mediocrity
what if this is a comedy or a tragedy.

nothing profound to say.
tell me all that you've thrown away.
some truths.
because i've got to be somethin better than
in the middle

"don't be silly, i'm sure you're a little crazy"

you basically have all the vices of a philosopher.

"you believe that the disease is without danger, and you take to yourself the right to expose your wife to what you call pythagoreanism, isn't it? if i haven't forgotten my philosophy."

the expression of relief on his face that he watched the dawn, showing that he grasped the awful meaning of this speech, full of the holy ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.